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Why I couldn't afford NOT to buy a Tesla

For three years we've been driving a seven-seater Volkswagen Touran; a proper 'family wagon'. We're a one car household as we don't really need two cars at this stage in our lives, but I think the fact that I suggested changing to a Tesla was almost drastic; from a seven-seater manual diesel, to a five-seater automatic electric vehicle.

Including the lease cost of the vehicle, insurance, maintenance (including tyres), delivery and home installation of a charging point, I'll be paying £250 less each month than I currently am for my Volkgswagen. When writing this down, it doesn't quite make sense...

I am replacing my £32,000 car with a £59,000 car because it costs less.

Ah, the joys of tax breaks. It's only because I've managed to sacrifice a chunk of my salary before tax that it works out cheaper. I'm saving over 60% on the monthly costs due to the tax efficient way that I've been able to lease it.